Honey Lady


Selling direct from the warehouse:

Tuesdays 10am to 2pm

Thursdays 10am to 3pm

27 Bennett Street, Thebarton

All Honey Lady honey is sourced from South Australian beekeepers (and bees) and is raw and unfiltered. To retain the nutritional and health benefits our honey has only been gently heated during extraction. No chemicals or antibiotics have been used to treat the bees, hives or equipment. It is honey as nature intended.

Raw Honey will naturally crystallise and track (whitening of the honey) over time. This is an indication that your honey is raw as the enzymes that cause the candying process are still active. All raw honey will have a top layer of particles of wax, propolis and bee pollen … another indication that the honey is undamaged by processing.

We have a variety of honeys in our range which are available subject to the season. Our plain raw honey includes:

• Blue Gum
• Bush
• Cup Gum
• Mallee
• Orange Blossom

Our herb and spice range of honeys all use the highest quality organic spices blended with the Honey Lady raw honey.


A delicious blend of raw honey and freshly ground organic cinnamon. Try it on toast, in tea or warm milk or in baking.

Organic spices including cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, star anise, nutmeg and clove are mixed with Honey Lady’s Raw Honey to make this delicious chai blend – a lovely spiced sweetener to use in your tea or in baking.

Ginger Honey
Spicy and sweet, freshly ground organic, sun dried ginger is blended with raw honey to create this healthy and delicious blend. Ginger honey is delicious in tea and hot lemon drinks.

Ginger and Clove
Honey Lady’s blend of honey, ginger and clove. Great in the winter months, either off the spoon or made into a warming tea to soothe a sore throat.

Lemon Myrtle
Lemon myrtle has a citrus flavour this is a cross between lemon and lime and some would say similar to lemongrass without the acidity of lemons.

A Honey Lady blend especially made for individuals who love both liquorice and honey. Try this in tea or on icecream or even straight off the spoon.

Honey Lady blend combining raw honey and freshly ground organic sun dried turmeric … try this in tea with lemon, straight off the spoon, on salads or on roast vegetables.

Vanilla Bean
Fair trade non-alcohol dipped vanilla beans are blended with raw honey to create this decadent and delicious treat. Honey Lady Vanilla Bean is perfect for use on cakes, over yoghurt and ricotta, baked apples, ice cream or straight off the spoon. Use in place of vanilla essence in baking.

Winter Green
Raw honey blended with a selection of herbs and spices to help you through the winter months, either straight off the spoon or made into a warming tea. Great for coughs and colds.