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Liquorice Honey 700g

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Our liquorice honey is delicious on toast or in tea. It is a delicate blend of star anise, liquorice root and fennel seed and Honey Lady Raw Honey. Great in teas or on toast or even on scones with cream.

Liquorice has been used as a medicine by ancient civilisations and remains widely used to this day both in the West and in India and China. It is a “demulcent”, meaning that it has a soothing, anti inflammatory action on mucus membranes and may help to ease a sore throat or an inflamed digestive system. Liquorice honey also contains Fennel, a “carminative” herb, which means that it may help to relieve flatulence and bloating and reduce the discomfort of digestive cramping. Star Anise adds its wonderful warmth to this honey blend.